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Page history last edited by Nancie Ravenel 12 years, 5 months ago

 Pemulen TR2 

With the hope of starting a discussion as to how Pemulen TR2 can and is used by other conservators, we're posting our preparation methods and case histories of use.  Feel free to peruse, consider, and comment.  Please be aware that this is only one of the materials in a conservator's arsenal when one is considering how to clean a work of art.  No recipe can replace careful testing, critical thinking, and a conservator's experience when cleaning a work of art.


Please note that there are links to Material Safety Data (MSDS) sheets for various chemicals used in the descriptions of making aqueous gels and emulsions. Consult the MSDS sheets prior to ordering any materials and again before using the chemicals. Use appropriate personal protective equipment when handling these materials. Dispose of unused waste appropriately.


You do not need an account to access this site - though I'm interested to hear what you think. Please do contact me if you'd like to contribute information. Thanks!


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